Volunteer policies

AFSCS Volunteer Policies

African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS) recognises that volunteers have a positive contribution to make. It aims to encourage volunteers’ involvement as a means of empowering and supporting individuals willing to contribute their time to the organisation

1. Equal Oppotunity

African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS) is committed to providing opportunity in volunteering and eliminating any discrimination based on age, gender, national or ethnic origin, disabilities, economic status, religious belief or sexual orientation. Volunteers will be expected to adhere to anti – discriminatory practices

2. Procedures

Recruitment of volunteers is the responsibility of Members of the Management Committee. Volunteers need to supply references, one of which either a recent employer, training provider, college or school, church or other voluntary organisations. Volunteers must agree to a Criminal Records Bureau check if in direct contact with children and or vulnerable adults.

3. After appointment:

Volunteers must be given an induction. They will be allocated a supervisor who they will meet regularly to ensure adequate support.

The supervisor will discuss the relevant description of their role with the volunteer, so that the volunteer has a clear picture of their tasks and level of responsibility.

Volunteers are asked to attend at agreed times and to inform the supervisor in advance if unable to attend.

Volunteers will be covered by adequate insurance while in attendance.

Volunteers will be reimbursed their actual out – of- pocket expenses incurred while carrying out duties for the organisation. Travel expenses must be agreed before hand and only payable to cover the cheapest means available.

Volunteers must supply receipts for travel and lunch expenses before payment is made.

If the Volunteer is allowed to claim for car mileage HM Customs and Revenue sets a tax – free approved mileage rate for reimbursing travel expenses for people using their own vehicles for volunteering.

These can be obtained from HM Customs and Revenue, and the car rates are also published in booklet IR122 Volunteer Drivers. Rates vary. Reimbursement at levels above these rates are likely to affect the tax status of the volunteer, may have implications for volunteers who are on benefits.

2006/2007 rates: Cars and vans 40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles Motorcycles 24p per mile. Bicycle 20p per mile (Source: www.volunteering.org.uk).

Leaver survey

All volunteers will be asked to complete a Leavers Survey (in person or by post) so that the African French Speaking Community (AFSC) receives feedback on the individual’s experience of volunteering with the organisation. This information will be used to evaluate and improve the programme for future volunteers

4. References

African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS) will supply a reference after the volunteer has been with the organisation for at least three months, or less depending on the individual circumstances.

Approved by the Management Committee of the African French Speaking Community Support(AFSCS)

Date Policy adopted: 02 July 2011 Signed: …………………………………………………………