Mission Statement

Our Vision  

We believe in a society where every household from African French background accesses support to overcome disadvantages and strive to lead a fulfilling life.

AFSCS’s mission is to provide a high-quality service that is sensitive and responsive to our beneficiaries’ culture, age, religious and gender needs and empower them to fully integrate into the UK society.  We will also empower communities in Africa, especially where people from the French speaking countries live, to enable them to improve their living conditions and benefits from opportunities offered to them.


The delivery of our services is underpinned by the following values: transparency, integrity and accountability.

We are committed to managing this organisation in a democratic way by enabling our beneficiaries to shape the provision of services and be at the centre (heart) of activities. Therefore, we will be involving them in every single process of activities or project from the starting point (conception) through the implementation and then the evaluation. We have set up steering groups for different age groups: adults over 50; women, men, young people and children. Each steering group consults its members about activities and when to carry them out according to the availability of those to get involved.

We are committed to treating our beneficiaries with respect and dignity, ensuring confidentiality, data protection and privacy when dealing with them.