African French Speaking Community Support

Promoting Sport Activities

Netball Sport for Girls

According to Women in Sport, 51% of the UK population is female, yet when it comes to sport and physical activity, 1.6 million more men are playing sport once per week than women. Gender stereotypes are one of the key barriers preventing more women and girls getting active. For example, only 43% of girls say they have the same choice as boys at school in sport and exercise; and among secondary school-age children, being sporty is still widely seen as a masculine trait

We are promoting sport and physical activities for women and encouraging more women to become active and lead healthy lifestyle. We are going to lunch project involving women in Football, Netball, Basketball, Gym and Zumba dance. We are also going to promote sport days in order to involve all members of the family to undertake one sport activity.

We also promote sport activities in the community involving: Children and young people, adult and older people. The following sport activities are in great demand within our community: Football, basketball, badmington, swimming, gym, table tennis, court tennis, judo, martial art and kick-boxing.