This Covid-19 prolonged lockdown period is having an enormous impact on the young people within our community. Research by Oxford University has already begun to see signs that children are experiencing increased anxiety due to the pandemic, and this is intensified by the struggles our community were already facing. Home schooling at this time has become hugely important; as parents are relied on to educate their children in the absence of formal education. However, this is immensely challenging for our community.

As many of the parents do not have English as their first language, they are unable to provide the standard of education required and this is causing their children to become further marginalised from their peers, and fall behind on their schoolwork. Research from previous extended spells of school closures, such as from union strikes or natural disasters, have shown to have had a negative impact on the development of young people.

This impact will be even greater on our community due to the lack of access to equipment such as laptops, and the inability of parents to provide support. Importantly, falling behind on their education now could lead to a number of issues later in their lives, such as a lack of engagement with further education and inability to form a connection to the wider society. The people within our community need urgent help on a wide range of issues that they are able to continue using after the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a result, we are requesting funding for the purchase of equipment for a community Online Virtual Programme Delivery.

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