The overall aim of the organisation is to empower our beneficiaries to be part of the mainstream of society and play an active role in the local communities where they live. It is about to prompt the African French Community to release their full potential skills and live active, fulfilling and healthy lives. It is also about to ensure that their contribution to the economic, social and cultural richness of the UK is recognized and acknowledged

Our main aims, in England and Wales, are to:
•reduce the language and cultural barriers preventing French speaking families from African backgrounds from accessing services
•promote their full integration into the UK society
•increase their level of participation in community life and decision-making
•increase their chance of employability
•promote their involvement in some activities and services beneficial to local communities where they live.
•Be part of the community where the organisation operates in terms of enhancing residents lives and promoting community cohesion

Our main aims, in Africa, will be to:

•relieve poverty and distress of disadvantaged people
•promote human rights
•respond to emergency situations by campaigning and collecting aids for people in distress in African French countries
•support local organisations’ activities related to education, agriculture, health, women and children activities
•Share the bread with the hungry, shelter the homeless poor, clothe the man who is naked and give relief to the oppressed.