African French Speaking Community Support

Befriending Services

In his seminal work, Weiss (1973) identified two types of loneliness: loneliness through social isolation and loneliness through emotional isolation. The former describes loneliness caused by a lack of social ties, social integration or sense of community, which might be experienced following relocation. The latter refers to an absence of a personal, intimate relationship or reliable “attachment figure”, such as a partner. While emotional isolation seems to be linked with emotional loneliness, social isolation has stronger associations with social loneliness.

According to our Needs Assessment, many people within our community are living in isolation and loneliness, facing barriers to interact with others. Most of Older people, Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Migrants from the French speaking community are cut off the rest of the society and live in the margin due to language and cultural barriers. The need consists of improving their social capital and social inclusion. Therefore, we do undertake home visit, one-to-one support and group activities, such as: Luncheon Club, Evening Befriending group, Concert and other gatherings. We are intending to run some projects in order to reduce their isolation and loneliness.

Adult Befriending