About us

AFSCS is a community group run by African Ethnic Minority and it is based in Smethwick. It provides a comprehensive range of advice and information on a wide range of issues to the community

Volunteers of AFSCS have recently carried out an outreach research assessing the needs of French African families in Soho and Victoria Neighbourhood in Smethwick

AFSCS is led by a management committee comprising 4 people. Twelve more Volunteers are committed to assist our target groups in dealing with their needs.

Most of the management committee members are well trained by SCVO in dealing with community’s issues and fundraising.

AFSCS’s core values are based on the belief that it is our responsibility to advocate and provide support for those who are excluded or disadvantaged by society at large. Therefore, we are committed to engage with the African French community – enabling isolated families to be active citizens promoting community cohesion, equal opportunity and involving them in shaping the provision of services beneficial to our local Neighbourhoods first, assisting and supporting those in needs thereafter.

It is a user-led organisation working with statutory and voluntary organisations to develop activities and services in response to identified needs expressed by the target beneficiaries and local people where the organisation operates. The current area of benefit is Soho & Victoria area in Smethwick where the association is based. Many service users also reside within the surrounding areas. However, the organisation will extend its services to the whole England and Wales and later to Africa continent