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Our charity started as a self-help group in November 2005 with two key figures: Mr Jean Lemba and Jacques Matensi-kubanza. Both volunteers used to support their fellow members from the French community in Birmingham with interpretation, reading letters, responding to letters, attending appointments, making phone calls… The association, which was called Macho: Eye for Help Community Association, was funded by small contributions from members. It became a constituted group in December 2010 after the vote of members of the Management Committee and members voted to change the name to African French Community Support (AFSCS). The organisation registered as a charity on 14/02/2012 (Registered No: 1145893). In addition, it was registered with the Companies House as Private Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital on 18/07/2013 (Company No: 08615897). Following a special resolution on 11/06/2016, trustees agreed to remove the model articles adopted previously and to resubmit a new model of articles based on the Charity Commission’s requirement for a charitable company. This resolution of adoption of Articles of Association was agreed by the Companies House on 18/07/2016. The same model of Articles was resubmitted to the Charity Commission in order to register the organization as an “Incorporated Charity”. Therefore, the Charity Commission granted a new charity registration number on 20/09/2016 (Charity No: 1169279) and removed the first registration number (1145893) on 23/09/2016. Although it appears as a newly registered charity, our organisation has a good track record since 2012 and has been delivering numerous activities thanks to grants received from a range of funders and from our supporters


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