The AFSCS provides a range if services and support to its beneficiaries either in England and Wales or in the African continent, as succinctly hilighted below. We are bound by the Equality 2010 law and we don't discriminate against people with regard to the beneficiaries of our services.

Childrens and young people’s activities

Supplementary education, homework clubs, sports (indoor and outdoor), recreational activities, trips and outings, youth club

Adults (including elderly & older people) and families’ activities:

Employability (and job coaching), befriending, sport, entertainment, outreach, holiday schemes


The AFSCS has membership with some umbrell abodies, such as: SCVO, SCIPS, refugee council, migrants voice, NCVO, BVS.

Public Events

The AFSCS has developed good working relationship with other voluntary sector organisations in order to deliver good outcomes for our beneficiaries

If you would like to donate for the furtherning of our cause, please do not hesitate as you will be making a difference in someone's life


AFSCS History
African French Speaking Community Support

Our charity started as a self help group in November 2005 and was funded by small contributions from members. It became a constituted group 22nd December 2010 after the vote of members of the Management Committee and trustees. The organisation registered as a charity on 14/02/2012 (Registered No: 1145893). In addition, it was registered with the Companies House as Private Company Limited by Guarantee without share capital on 18/07/2013 (Company No: 08615897).... Go to About us for more


Four trustees (Directors) were elected on 22nd December 2010 in order to look after the resources and run the charity. They are:
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With over 10 years experience of running a charity, Mr Kubanza has also graduated in BA (Hons) in Social Care and Social Policy which allows him to understand people and their needs
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General Secretary
With a keen eye on details and a Bachelor of science in internet computing, Jason has always been a highly regarded member for his work ethic, his input and commitment to the charity
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With qualufications such as MA in English, MTS in Theology and NRPSI in Interpretation, John is a strong worker and has always had a way with numbers
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Tambwe Mwanza

With his MA in Theology, pastor Tambwe have been pastoring full time in Birmingham UK and Africa for over 20 years. His guidance and advises have always been present when things are not going accordingly.

Membership is open to individuals over eighteen or organisations who are approved by the Trustees. The Trustees may only refuse an application for membership if, acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the Charity to refuse the application. There is a membership application available. A copy of this application may be requested by phoning 07743600034. The Trustees will inform the applicant in writing of the reasons for the refusal within twenty-one days of the decision. Once membership is approved, the details of the new member will be kept in our register of names and addresses of the members which is made available to any member upon request. Membership and termination of membership’s clauses are clearly set up in our Memorandum of Association for a Charitable Company.

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